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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well hello there Mr. Massive stump

Lets talk about this massive stump  for  a second. We found this beauty on the side of the road. Which means its free game here in Massachusetts. It was huge and it was heavy but I was determined to get it. We puzzled the stump into the back of our car( thank goodness for crossovers) and lugged the stump home, while our car sagged a couple of inches in the back.
We sanded it, and cleaned it as good as we could.

Oh and I forgot to mention the mister carried that thing up a flight of stairs all by himself. Super man?
That's just a side hobby.

Once it was sanded and left outside to make sure it was all dried out and all the creepy crawlies were gone. We slathered it in pothyurithane to seal it up. To make sure nothing could get in and nothing could get out.

Take that rolie polies.

Then to give us an even more love for our massive treasure we went to West Elm and saw a puny stump lik the third of our stump for $200. So basically we're talking we have a $1000 stump in our home, anyone want to buy it?! Haha

But seriously, this stump makes my little heart grow legs and do a little chicken victory dance.

So lets see what your have created that makes your heart do a little chicken dance!
btw: thanks for the people who entered last week! 3! Whoo! Going on a record now

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ps. I just put a post up 'yesterday' (it was really today) about the Misters birthday. We can just pretend  it was really on time. 

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