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Friday, March 8, 2013

5 things + a thank you!

My heart is swollen with all the out pouring of love that so many of you have shown from the video we posted yesterday. Love from the comments, emails, tweets, to the sharing of the video. 
I can not thank you enough for your sweet words and affection, it means the world to me, my family and Shae.

For those that requested, I know that my sister would love to receive mail and if you are interested please shoot me an email and I will do my best to answer your emails with her address. 
Thank you, over and over again.
Now onto a lighter subject! :)

Floating around instagram was a 5 things post that I was tagged in but never did. I've now seen it floating around in the blog world and have also been tagged by Anna.  So now I'm gonna give it a shot!

1. Little things clumped together give me the willies- for example ant colonies, the fizz from a soda, seeds... you get the point..

2. I get serious anxiety over making a decision.  It gets especially bad when money is involved.

3. I love the movie "Fiddler on the Roof" and could probably quote the entire movie - along with all 8 of my siblings. 

4. I hate feet and I cannot touch them (unless it's sweet, munchable baby feet).  If Brandon's foot ever gets near me I wig out.  It's something about the toenails and toes that get me. 

5. I had braces for 4 weeks, annnd mind you, they were the clear kind. So most of my friends from middle school didn't even know I had braces. They were very surprised when I had just got my braces off, exclaiming they didn't even know I had braces!   

Goodness, who to choose to keep the ball rolling! I haven't been keeping tack on instagram...
 I tag BrieJessica,  LindseyDawnelle and TJ and anyone else who wants to do it!!

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