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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whats in a camera?

Brandon has always loved cameras. He's loved to collect old and new ones. And he's always telling me we need to buy a new one and I just have to laugh. However, his love for cameras has really rubbed off on me and i'm really starting to appreciate cameras; old and new. 

So we've been asked a lot about what kind of camera we use, what lens and what cameras we would suggest using.

So here it is:

5D Mark II

This is our 'baby'. And I can't say enough about this camera, and how great of a price it is for all its capabilities. The 5D is a great camera for photography, AND video. This is what we have shot all our videos on. But don't count on a good stereo sound coming from this camera.

We mainly use 2 lenses:

50mm f1.8 prime lens (or what we call it the fantastic plastic) 

Dont let the plastic body on this lens fool you. When it comes to a lens its all about the glass, or at least partially... when searching for a lens, one of the first things we look for is its f-stop capabilities. And for a whopping $80 a 1.8 f lens is a no brainer.

24-105 f4 lens

When we bought this camera it didn't come stock. But now when you buy this camera it's included in the packaged deal. Its mm range is perfect for average shooting, great for lazy shots or fast pace children :)
We also use this one for video because it has image stabilization or IS.

The Panasonic Lumix. 

We have loved, loved this camera. Brandon got it for me about 2 years ago after our Canon Rebel died and it has been a perfect gift. 

This camera is perfect for the new photographer- it isn't a SLR camera but it does have the manual options of an SLR. You can learn the science of photography, without having to buy the huge SLR camera. It has all the aperture settings so you can learn OR you can have it on the automatic setting, for those times you just want a quick picture without having to figure out the aperture and such. It takes quality photos, and you have the option of shooting in RAW as well. 
The things that I love about this camera is its light weight and relatively small size.

I can even pack it around in my purse and not adding much bulk. love it

For me its been nice to have two sized cameras for the different needs through out the day. And even though I speak so highly of this camera, we reluctantly are selling it. Its such a weird feeling for me to feel so attached to a camera- but I have loved it and it has captured almost all of Daxton's life. 

Anywho, I am moving on and so if you are interested in buying it. Email us for the pricing, info and the like. 

Past and dead camera- the dearly beloved
Rebel xti

If you are going to start with an SLR and your wanting to use Canon then the newest Rebel on the market the t... i dunno 17i... is a great choice! They are relatively cheap, and relatively small for the bulky SLR cameras. The video is great for the price. And quality of the photos are not compromised for the size of the sensor.

As you can see we are kinda a Canon family, thats partially because of us starting with the Rebel and building a lens library compatible with Canon. We have nothing agains Nikon. Nikon has great capabilities as well. But we certainly are not as well versed in the Nikon family.

Here's the names of some of our cameras.

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Sherry of IN said...

I I love the Canons and my very first camera was a Canon. I have 2 of the canon Rebels as the 2nd one I bought had 13 megapixels.