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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bowtie style

Have you heard of Colins Closet? They have THE cutest bow ties for little guys. The boys and I were beyond thrilled to receive some of their bowties in the mail the other day. (Plus the packaging was unreal- see the photo here) We decided to dress up  get dressed in our everyday attire... and take some pictures. 
Sometimes i think i'm silly for dressing the boys  up just to take pictures, but then I think "No self, my boys (and their future wife) will thank me one day for these cute baby pictures."

So... go visit Colin Closet- they just put  up their new spring line and its to die for. 
Perfect for Spring and for Easter (hint hint- your welcome).


Donna Jayne said...

So adorable.

Bev said...

They are adorable! You should get them into modeling (since you have a great camera and love to dress them up) Some young friends of mine have a modeling service, For a small fee you can register your child, and boutiques will send you items in exchange for quality photos to use in their advertising. I use Adora Models as well as Little Diamond Models for my crochet items in my Etsy shop. It's a fun way to receive FREE items for your little ones! And best of all it is all done anonymously.

JDizzle said...

They're going to be models one day or they'll turn into Hansen children and hate with a vengeance taking pictures