Friday, April 26, 2013

Parker's Maple Farm

I was just editing some pictures right now from a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd post some :)

We went with some friends to New Hampshire to a place called Parker's Maple Farm.
The farm was awesome. 
They had a restaurant that served breakfast and lunch. And we had heard amazing things about their food and maple. So we got up bright and early to get there in time for their breakfast. 
And you guys it did not disappoint!
I ate waayy too much and i don't think i ate anything for the rest of the day because i was so full!
The farm also had a gift shop, and so we went and got some of their incredible maple to take home.
plus a cute rug that they had! :)

They also had a tour of how they made the maple, and the process that it takes to get 1 gallon.
It made me appreciate maple that much more. 
We had a good time and went home with a happy tummy. 



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Place: New Hampshire

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