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Monday, April 29, 2013

Patriots Day- Battle of Lexington Reenactment

Patriots day is a big day here in New England. 
Its a big day because of the history that took place here among our homes and streets.

Every year Boston has a reenactment of the day the American Revolutionary War began, and the 'first shot heard around the world' took place. 
The reenactment started bright and early, so we were up around 4AM to make sure we got to see the events. 
At first I didn't think it was going to be worth dragging myself out of bed, and my little ones to see it...
 (Brandon and Daxton actually camped overnight at a friends home near the place where the reenactment took place- they had a blast but ohhhh so tired)

But after hearing the gun shots and the reality of those mens lives at stake, as they fled and fought for their lives, I couldn't help become emotional.
It brought the realization of  the sacrifice that the men and woman went through so many years ago. It was a moving experience and unforgettable.  

We weren't early birds like the majority of the crowd there so we had to stand on buckets in order to see. And since I was holding a tired baby most of my shots were shot blindly and above my head. 

Our list:
Place: Lexington

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