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Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Little House + Anthropologie Giveaway

hi there! lets just say i'm more than a little bit excited about guest posting on this amazing blog today. shelby is one of my favourite bloggers out there, yours too? well we've already got something in common, wanna be friends? i'll start off by introducing myself...

my name is claire, i'm a thrifty, vintage, interior obsessed mama, and this is my little man, caleb. you can find us over here having lots of fun and figuring out this whole parenting malarkey. caleb has just turned the big one and now i feel like the fun is really starting.

so what else is there to know...

we live in edinburgh, scotland. she is a beauty and half hey. caleb and i love nothing better than exploring her. the weather however...not so great. well you can't have everything!

i love creating things, cheap and cheerful diy's are my absolute fav. if you have any to share i am all ears! you can find my latest ones here and here.
when i'm not doing my latest diy creation/disaster (lets be honest not all of them work!) you will find me designing my house-shaped shelving which i decorate with unique or vintage papers, you can see a few designs pictured in my blog header. they are the perfect feature in a little ones room or a great way to hang your jewellery (can't stand necklaces getting tangled...well not anymore :) or keys. if you're a fan keep a look out on our blog i'll be selling them very soon through etsy.


i adore clothes! if you do, then you're a girl after my own heart. i wear mostly thrifted, vintage and high street  but i always have a designer clothing wish-list going on in my head. becoming a mama has been the most amazing and incredible thing that has ever or will ever happen to me, but i have to say for a while i felt like i lost my self as an individual. it may sound silly but getting back into my old wardrobe and of course some new purchases ;) has made me feel like 'me' again. 

oh and this is the man in mine and caleb's life. he's pretty incredible and goes by the name of michael and daddy ;) together we're the best team, i would be lost without these two guys in my life.

so that's us! i'd love for you to stop by and say hello, and if you'd like to join us on this little blog journey you can follow us with bloglovin or by email


Now for a little giveaway :)

being an avid thrifter you will usually find me in charity shops but when it comes to a splurge well there's only one place for me and it needs no introduction, anthropologie
oh how i could bankrupt this family quite easily by a visit to this treasure trove. 

So today this little house would like to offer 
one lucky reader a $20 gift voucher to Anthropologie. 
if you won what would you buy? for me it would have to be this or this.

it was lovely to meet you all and if you enter the giveaway good luck!

thank you for having us shelby, it's been an honour.

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