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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

United Family

My little sister has been in town and we are loving the extra company having her in our home. 
It's a blessing she arrived after the bombing that took place in Boston on Monday.
However, on Saturday we decided to take her into Boston to see the sights and also where the bombing took place. As we stood at the gate blocking the crime scene there were roses, gifts, flags, and other such things in honor of those that were wounded and killed. There was 3 crosses with the names of the victims that were killed on the grounds of where we stood.

As I stood there I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. All of this was caused by hatred, and anger. These boys, who are only suspects at this moment, allowed hatred to envelop their entire beings that in turn caused so much sorrow to a city. 

It was heart wrenching to see and feel for so many.

But I saw concern, I saw love, and I saw unity. That too overwhelmed me and I saw the good in humanity. The love that each of these people had for those that were affected.

To me its so amazing that we can fight through so quickly after such a tragic incidence. And we still remember the feelings and unity we felt from the day that the bombing happened here in Boston. It was felt all over the country, all over the world. The people that were there that day, injured or not, responded to help others. Those that weren't there, prayed and sympathized. 

We united.

In this world there are people that believe and people that don't believe in God. 
However, when something goes array and hatred has caused a deep hole to penetrate. People still unite as a family. Not everyone believes in a God but I've never met a person who doesn't believe in a family and uniting together as if we are a family. 

That is what is so neat and good about human kind – as we unite and we become 
one family, a united family all over the country. For as we are made one we are made strong. And no it's not just a united city, it's a #UnitedFamily. 


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