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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend: Part 1

Spontaneously Brandon and I came up with the idea of road-tripping our family to Washington DC for memorial day weekend. Its about a 7ish hour drive. So we booked hotels, packed our bags and we were off. 

We had such an enjoyable time, it was a vacation I didn't want to come home from. 
There is something about being together as a whole family and spending time together. Wether its looking at museums, wrestling kids, or lying down on the side of the sidewalk to take a break. 

This is just round one of pictures, because you know how hard it is not to take picture of every little thing that has meaning. 
Also, one of our memory cards is missing- so hopefully that will show up somewhere. Otherwise you will just be spared of more photos! lol

^^This picture was taken while the babies were napping. We put it on a self-timer on top of the stroller. So you could say that Tayte took this picture :) ^^
^^The Cheese on the pizza looked like marshmallows! ^^

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Lauren Vanderberg said...

These photos are so sweet :) I love that place!