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Friday, August 23, 2013

Take back the Summer: part II

Today we are continuing the series; Take Back the Summer.

One of our favorite summer activities is to go walking. 
Anytime, anywhere.
We will walk to the Post office, the grocery store, the park, farm shares, friends house, train station.. just about anywhere!
I love it because it helps clear my mind, the boys love the scenes, and I can be active. And lots of time we will pack a lunch, or even a light snack and stop off on some grass and run around.
It really is the best therapy. 



Mommyandme Mommyandme

Here are the other Moms that are collaborating with the series. check them out and then go out and start walking! :)

Amelia // @ameliahomebrook


K&R said...

we definitely have been taking advantage of walking this summer, it helps me feel active for sure.
and i love getting to see more personally what is happening around us.


Ashley said...

I am a firm believer that a bit of fresh air can cure most problems! Totally agree that walking is so much fun with the babes. Unfortunately, I can't really take walks outside during the summer unless it's before 7am or after 7pm...NC humidity doesn't allow it!

Unknown said...

That little Tayte sure has changed over the last few weeks. At least, from my perspective through your photos you post. He seems like a lot of fun for his older brother. Thanks again for allowing me to sure in your special times with your family.

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

I'm with you! Fresh air can do wonders for the soul... I just walked outside this morning and thought about how I need to take my kids outside more!

Marcia Hansen said...

What a cool stroller.It's true there is nothing better to clear the mind then walks in the outdoors. Love Taytes cute smile. Lexis comments were mine by the way. :)