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Monday, February 24, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Heya, just really wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who took my survey! And I would really love to hug each one of you for your tender, thoughtful words. Thank you for taking your time to do that and for being so wonderful! Also, it really has helped me see a better vision for this blog. So thank you!!


So.... it hit 53 degrees on Saturday! Isn't it crazy we can call 53 degrees balmy?! I remember the first time it hit 50 after last summer and I thought I was going to freeze to death! Jeeze, its amazing how our body can adjust to certain temperatures.
With the warm weather we had to take advantage and take a walk. It was so great to use that stroller again and go walking as a family. 
Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby 

Getting ready for church. 
Daxton's my big boy now and can get dress all by himself.
Except for the bow tie :)
Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby Brandon and Shelby   
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


Ashley said...

What a fun weekend!! (with gorgeous weather). I need to teach Charlie to button his buttons...that's next on my list!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I would love to see 50 degrees! Last week it got into the 40's here in Illinois which was a heat wave, but this week it's supposed to go below zero again, ugh. So anxious for spring to arrive!

Anna Demko said...

It's funny how it was 48F here last weekend and I was ready to abandon my boots. lol
Your boys are adorable

his little lady said...

Aw, look at those big eyes! Adorable! Love these little "scenes" from your weekend :)
xo TJ

Jane said...

I agree is -48 tonight here . I am sooo ready for spring . Your little men are so awesome... they look adorable in their Sunday bow ties :)

ckleinca said...

Remember the first pictures of Daxton you posted dressing himself where he had his undies over his jeans!! That little guy is becoming a man too quickly... slow em down!!! Thanks for sharing with us.. and thanks for keeping the blog going.. LOVE IT!!
AND YOU !!! (((HUGS))))

K&R said...

your boys look like they make life more exciting.
love their little church get-ups.


LDR said...

I love your curtains!! Just laced up my dining and living rooms with Abbey Rose. Love the brightness it brings into the home!!! RE: the outdoor scenes too-it was a gorgeous weekend. Too nice to stay inside! And of course-your boys are scrumptious!

Unknown said...

We were out enjoying the weather this past weekend, too. Now it's back to the frozen tundra! Brrrr! As usual, I love those little faces!

Tonda B said...

Looking at those sweet rosy cheeked little boys always makes me smile.

Unknown said...

Such a delight when they can show some of their independence. Both are dolls and that little Tayte is so adorable with those baby blues!

Cherie said...

Aww those two little boys are so cute. I took my two granddaughters to a farm yesterday they had a ride on a donkey and loved it. X

Natalie said...

Hi, I am a follower of your blog and absolutely adore it and your little family! I had a question and I hope its okay to ask. I love your sofa! Do you mind if I ask where you purchased it?