Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sonnet James + Wilson Farm

Sonnet James
I've been so [SO!] excited to show you a collaboration that has been in the works for awhile. 

Sonnet James is a new dress line and the purpose behind the dresses are to help Mom's feel playful in their dresses all while feeling good about what they are wearing. 

Ginger, Lindsey, Erica and I each took an activity that showed what we did in our SJ dress and documented it with our littles. You really should see the other moms and their beautiful pictures!

One of our favorite last minute outings is to go to a nearby farm, Wilson Farm
One of the reason's why I love Wilson's is for the peaceful, clean atmosphere. Plus there always seems to be some fun activity going on from farm tours for children, to hayrides to festivals.
When we go, we usually love to go get some grocery shopping done, (and get a treat of course) the flowers are always so enticing especially since we are still waiting for Spring to show up!
Then we always love to see the barn animals! 
The boys have so much fun and we usually talk about animals all the way home because of their deep love for all things animals.
Sonnet James
Sonnet James

Sonnet James
Sonnet James

Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James

Sonnet James Sonnet James Sonnet James

^^ Daxton loooves this llama but Tayte is deathly afraid of it!^^
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James
Sonnet James


Kelsi said...

I love that llama!!! And that dress :) What a fun idea.

The Finch Family said...

Shelby dearest! You look stunning and radiant as always! Love this! Happy thoughts and lots of love to your sweet little family!

Mysteryartist said...

I love the dresses! I'm 5'10 wish they came long enough for me to wear comfortably. Photos are great of you and the children. Have a nice day!:)

Kelly Nichols said...

Wow!! Every photo is insanely gorgeous + you look stunning in that dress! Love the shoes you paired with the dress also! Do you mind sharing where they're from?

erica said...

Seriously! I cannot get over all of these pictures.
You are such a beauty. And those boys...oh those boys will forever have a place in my heart.

also, to Mysteryartist :: my sister is over 5'10 and has borrowed my sonnet james stella dress and looooves it. There are definitly options for you lucky tall girls :)

Jessie said...

Isn't it wonderful to feel both feminine AND beautiful, all while doing you're job? Gorgeous pictures!

Lynn Burnham said...

How fun to see all these pics of You & your two sweet ones! The dress looks so comfy and nice on you too! Glad to see you "out & about" enjoying your sweet family! Thanks Shelby!

Shelby Osmond said...

Thank you Kelly! You are very sweet. My shoes are from urban outfitters. Really comfy!

Jane said...

Hi Shelby... What beautiful pictures.. the pics of the grocery store. It looks so rustic . On a another note.. I've been keeping up on Lexi's recovery and I am so happy she has come as far as she has... Thank you God.. especially on a day like today... God is Great... Thank you Jesus

Mysteryartist said...

Thank you Erica! It's nice to know. :)

Ashley said...

Oh Shelby!!! You are stunning! I love this dress and these pictures of you and your sweet boys.

Jessi said...

Beautiful pictures!

Alex said...

Wow! Those dresses are so beautiful! Your kids are darling xo

Cheryl Jones said...

Great pictures, as usual! I love to shop at Wilson's. They have the BEST produce, aside from the Farmer's Market, which should be opening soon. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

his little lady said...

You make motherhood look perfect!!! These photographs are lovely, and so is that dress! You look stunning girl :)
xo TJ