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Monday, August 18, 2014

Two peas in a pod

Swinging Brandon and Shelby
These two. They are two peas in a pod. 
I can't get over how much Tayte looks up to his older brother. He intimidates everything his older brother does. If Daxton falls so does Tayte, if Daxton jumps so does Tayte, if Daxton says a prayer Tayte is his little echo. In fact, last night these two just wouldn't go to sleep. They are in the same room and all I heard was giggling and little feet running. I was smiling along till it got to be about 11:00 and I had to put an end to their mischief.  I absolutely love it though and I hope that this little friendship will just keep growing. 


Mysteryartist said...

How adorable!!! :)

Unknown said...

Your boys are just both so sweet & adorable in all the photos you share with us! & to think that just around the corner @ Thanksgiving time you will have a 3rd little munchkin in your arms! BLESSED is Your Family, Shelby! Thanks for sharing!!

Karina Marie Powell said...

They are the cutest little boys! ANd most precious pictures. Makes me miss Utah!!!

Marcia Hansen said...

Ahh I love that picture! So cute how he follows all he does.