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Monday, September 1, 2014

A little bit of walking + Pink Blush Maternity

Going on walks was one thing I really learned to love while we spent time out in Boston. We use to walk every where, to the grocery store, post office, library, church, park and just around town. Here you don't see people walking as much, probably because things aren't as close. But I really try my best to keep up walking, it brings such a joy to me and the boys as we get fresh air and see the world around us. We walked to costco the other day and try to walk to a nearby splash pad every once in awhile, but again things aren't as close so we will just try to find fun places to walk.
PinkBlushMaternity-2profile This walking trail that we have close by is a total favorite. We walk on it almost everyday and find all sorts of fun things to talk about on our walks.  Which brings up another point of why I love walking, Daxton will just open up and start conversations that are so cute and interesting. He's more aware of surroundings and will ask all sorts of questions. And Tatye, man that boy is full of life! He is so excited over everything he sees and will yell out at everything he sees- "watir!!!" "CARR!" "bike!!" "Neigh!!" (horse) "Neigh!!" (sheep) "duck iii!" you get the point. :) Anyway, I just love our walks together and I hope winter doesn't come too soon so we can continue to enjoy our walking together.PinkBlushMaternity-4copy PinkBlushMaternity-8copy  PinkBlushMaternity-10PinkBlushMaternity-12 copy PinkBlushMaternity-14 PinkBlushMaternity-7 PinkBlushMaternity-1  

PinkBlushMaternity-3copy On another note, one of the things that I don't love about pregnancy is finding things I have to wear! It can be such a pain; either its too short, too unflattering or simply too expensive to spend on a short 9 months. BUT  I just came across such a gorgeous shop online, Pink Blush Maternity that has darling pregnancy clothes that are an affordable price. And score- Happy Labor Day! They are having a sale today on all their clothes!

And I am simply dying over this new coat they received, its perfect for fall. I'm also loving this shirt and this and this dress!

The red shirt in the pictures is one of the shirts from Pink Blush Maternity, and I practically live in it (and the other outfits- aka more to come :) )

 But if you are pregnant or thinking of it in the future check them out! You will be happy you did.


deeppurple said...

Shelby you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Such Sweet Photos! Wishing you smooth sailing in your last trimester! Thanks for sharing a bit of your special, sweet little family with us!!

K&R said...

you look amazing! i love these photos and i really love that top, seriously, i always love maternity clothes even though i'm not pregnant, is that bad? anyways you make pregnant look good!

Cherie said...

You look blooming. Love the pics know what you mean about maternity clothes. My daughter just gave birth to a bAby boy. She had a nightmare trying to find clothes. X

Marcia Hansen said...

I love that shirt. It's so great for your generation to have cute clothes finally. Love our path too. It's nice to be in nature right in the city.

Tonda B said...

Love the pretty photographs as usual. Tayte's hair is so blonde, I wonder if it will stay that light?