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Friday, September 19, 2014

Belly Talk

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With a couple months left of this pregnancy, we have had some funny conversations about the baby and my belly with the two boys. Here are just a few of thing they have said that have made me just giggle.

D: "If I put my hand on your belly will it kick me?"

Me: "Daxton do you think its a boy or a girl?"
D:  "Mom I've told you, its a girl."

D: "I'm pretty sure the babies favorite ice cream is ganilla"

Me: "Tayte where is your belly?? There it is! (pointing at his belly)
T: (pointing at his belly) "belly!"
.... pause.....
(points at my belly) "big belly!!"

D: "Your belly is like going to pop!"

D: "I like laying on you mom its like a big pillow"


Jane said...

Hi Shelby...I just wanted to say ty for the blog..I think back to how the boys grew over the course of the blog...what awesome children you have.... Hope you r enjoying the fall colours down in Utah... Up here the colours are changing quickly.... TC

Kavitha said...

Hi Shelby, congratulations on the baby on the way. Your two toddlers are growing up real fast and becoming like comedians. Did you find out the gender of the baby yet? I hope Daxton is right when he said you are going to have a girl. Have a good weekend and say hi to Brandon, Daxton and Tayte for me! From, Kavitha

Mila said...

Ganilla? Haha. Little kids are so much fun to be around. So exciting for you and your new addition. Your family is adorable.

Hollands Reverie said...

So fun, I'm new to the blog, but you look so pretty and make me want to be preggers immediately, even though I already have four and have terrible pregnancies. It such a special time!

Marcia Hansen said...

So glad you wrote down what Daxton and Tayte said. Those were hilarious!!! You always look so pretty pregnant. Lucky you!

makana hansen said...

Ganilla is my favorite!!!!
And i love you. And I love this blog of yours. And I miss those boys so much!