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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rainy Days

We've had a lot of rainy days the past few weeks, it fact its been quite a bit for living in a desert. We've been joking that we brought the Boston weather (aka rain) with us. But since we've been indoors a lot we've been reading a bunch. Its been lot of fun, especially since we've recently inhereted a couple of daddy's childhood books that he use to read with his grandparents. The boys can't stop reading them so we'll read them over and over again.

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This maternity shirt and the leggings is another gem that I found at Pink Blush Maternity. I live in these leggings they are unreal soft. I really just love the selection of maternity clothes in their shop, especially this shirt :)
PinkBlushMaternity2 -1bwPinkBlushMaternity2 -7bw

And speaking of books, we recently purchased this book for our boys. Birds of Ashmae is a friend from Brandon's high school days. She is an artist and her artwork is unique and just gorgeous.  


Mila said...

So cute! Can't wait to have little ones so I can read books to them and help them learn.


K&R said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What a sweet little family you have. That little temple book is so cute.

Shelby Osmond said...

Thank you both so much!
Mila- 1. I love your name 2. It's so rewarding to teach kids! Can't wait for you!!

Kristen your are always so sweet to comment! Xx

Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with your top!

Marcia Hansen said...

Nothing beats reading to your kids and the snuggles. Love love that shirt. I had one like that in high school. Cute hair as well.

Karina Marie Powell said...

This is so perfect! You have such a beautiful family!