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Monday, February 23, 2015


Daxton wanted to go hunting the other day, meaning he wanted to go on a scavenger hunt. The weather has been so warm, so I thought why not. I created a silly little list of items for him to find outside and Daxton is one to make sure he finds all the right pieces, he's a perfectionist. Plus he just loves learning.

Tayte on the other hand really had no interest in the paper. He immediately threw the paper down and went running for the rocks and the water. Next thing I know he is taking off his shoes, and wading through the water. I kept warning him that he was going to be cold from the water, but it didn't phase him.  When he got out of the water, he of course started to whine he was cold. haha. But that is my little Tayte, he loves to test his boundaries, but he learns by exploring and getting messy.

Such different personalities and  I love both. I like to imagine what Bensons personality is going to be like. 
Still loving our Mini Acorn moccs, through dirt and mud.


Unknown said...

You do such FUN & SIMPLE things with your boys & that is what is so SPECIAL!! Enjoy your 3 little boys to the max as they will be big boys before you know it! Thanks for giving us a peek now & then into your sweet little life! Lynn

Barbara said...

I can't get over how grown up Daxton looks with his big boy haircut. You all look great!

My choir will be joining up with the Utah, California and Arizona Millennial choirs for a concert in Spanish Fork July 16th - hope to manage a visit with you this time around! Love ya bunches!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

You're such a fun mom!! Seriously your boys are lucky to have you. And I love this we do something similar. I can't believe how different their personalities are they are both so sweet and so darn cute.

Kelsi said...

Ha I love this. I feel like Daxton and Tayte have such different personalities, but they are both great. What a fun idea to make a scavenger hunt!

machelleC said...

Thanks for sharing your fun adventures with your 3 sons. Your boys are adorable.

Unknown said...

SO precious!
And aren't you just the cutest Momma?
Where is that cozy sweater from??

Marcia Hansen said...

Sounds just like what Tayte would do. So fun for Daxton that you did that for him.