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Friday, August 7, 2015

7 Years

Shelby and Brandon

August is fun month for us. It not only includes birthdays, and the last bit of summer but its also our anniversary month. 

We will be celebrating 7 years of marriage this weekend and its crazy to think that its already been seven years!

Its so crazy and fun to reflect back on the last 7 years, what are our highlights and remember the beautiful things that have happened in our marriage. I think we both agree that each stage of life has been just what we needed. We've grown together and learned to love each curve ball thats thrown at us, because we do it together. 
And now we are here, and have three children that have made our marriage that much sweeter. 

I love Brandon more than I ever thought I could. Marriage is hard work, but thats why I think I love him more and more, we've had to work together to smooth the kinks and quirks in our marriage. But in the end it creates the most deepest, most beautiful, most loyal friendship I have ever known. 

There is no one else I'd rather be with for eternity. I'm so grateful for the absolute blessing I have to have a good husband, who loves me and cares for me unconditionally. 

Happy Anniversary Brandon!


Emma said...

Happy anniversary!

Meghan said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marcia Hansen said...

You guys are the cutest couple!!!