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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Benson Eats

Sometimes the most simple things can bring the biggest amount of joy. One of those things is watching my kids eat, especially Benson right now. He's learning how to chew, swallow and grab with his tiny hands and fingers.  I live to watch those moments, and can't seem to get enough of his little lips and mouth. This simple video is nothing more than Benson eating, not all that exciting but man does it get me. I'm so glad I will have this for years to come so I can remember him so little, figuring out the whole eating thing. I sure love our little Benson.

We have loved our Stokke high chair for so many reasons, but specifically its design to go right up against the table. It makes Benson feel like he's a big boy and we have all loved dinner time more. I know that having Benson feel included and feel like the other boys, has been a big deal to me.  I've found myself worrying a little too much about Benson, and his inclusion in our family. I think I've worried so much about it because he is our third, and I just don't want to forget him or get too preoccupied with the other two! So I've noticed a big difference when he is right up with us at the dinner table I'm less stressed about it and I don't have to worry that one of our backs are turned to him.

I've also love how easy the high chair is to clean. We've had different high chairs in the past and Stokke's takes the cake...  because really I'm mostly cleaning the table. And another great perk is that the high chair will grow with Benson. We really try to keep things simple by not having so many things to store around our house. So with this chair it gives us one thing less to worry about and more focus on being together as a family.


Julie said...

Adorable video.:)

Benson is so cute.

I love to see pix & videos of babies feeding themselves & the mess.:)

Are you doing Baby Led Weaning with Benson?

ellen said...

I love the video and am so happy that I met Benson last week!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy every moment cuz they pass so quickly. Tom I'm going to video charly eating. Cuz I love watching her tiny fingers try to grab the smallest crumb. Ha.

Marcia Hansen said...

Theres nothing like a toddler eating. QUite the mess but cute and funny at the same time.