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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Playground Mats

Have you heard of Let's Playground? Its a new company that one of my sweet friends started. Its a genius product with such great design and beauty. The Playground is a leather mat that you can take along with you to the beach, playground or pretty much anywhere. Its a mat that if you spill you can wipe up with ease, no more stains or liquid to worry about. You can wipe it up with out it seeping in.

We have loved our Mats and take them everywhere. We have a little video series for this mats and as we post them you can get an idea of just how functional and beautiful these mats are.

The first video we did was when we went to Liberty Park. It was a gorgeous night and we just picked up some food for a picnic. Obviously we have little kids so lots of messes are made but with the mat we really didn't have to worry all that much.

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