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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I got super lucky to have a sister (Kelsi) who let me come along with her on her work trip to Cancun. We stayed at the Iberostar Grand Hotel and had so much fun relaxing and exploring Cancun together. I actually had no idea how beautiful and fun Cancun was! But now that I've gone, I dare say its more beautiful than Hawaii and there seems like a lot more to do and see!

We wanted to relax and sit at the beach, but also see a lot of what was there to see. So I felt like we did a good mixture of both.
We went on an Alma LDS tour to see Mayan Ruins in Tulum + Chichen Itza and go swim in a Cenote. We had Arwin as our tour guide and he made standing around in the hot sun fun and interesting, that at times we forgot it was so hot outside.  He related a lot of what we saw at the Ruins to the Book of Mormon and to Christ, really so fascinating! And after walking and hiking around in the hot sun, we ended our day in a Cenote that was beyond beautiful and so refreshing!

Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon My walk to the Gym every morning ^ It so fun to have sisters who love to work out, like I do. And I have to say it was so nice to workout with out any cute little distractions and to take my time, going for more than an hour most days.

Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
I got Kelsi  a Elia dress from Flor de Luz shop so that she would match me. HA! She was so embarrassed, but I made her wear it for one dinner so that we could be twins. I would have worn it the whole day with her #twinningiswinning if she would have let me.

HUGE thanks to my mom, and my sister in laws that helped take care of the boys while I was gone! And also to Brandon to being Mr. Mom, being away and know my kids were in good hands really helped my mama batteries recharge.


makana hansen said...

That video was so fun and made me miss you two!!! I want to go to mexico!!

Andie Zimmerman said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog. I love your style, your pictures, and the way you capture the moment through video. What program do you use to make your videos? So fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks so fun! Glad you had a good time!

ellen said...

1. I want a sister.
2. I want to go to Cancun.

Shelby Osmond said...

Andie! Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comment! I use Adobe Premiere but for beginners or if you don't want to buy a program there are movie software that comes with computers that work great! Before we got Premiere I used iMovie and that is a great program!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish my I had the same sister as you. Most of the time I spend all the hours working out alone and it really sucks! Somehow it's making me so bored to the point that I don't even work out anymore. I wish I can find someone who can accompany me during the times that I work out. It's a cool place by the way! It looks so refreshing and nice, I hope I can have a visit there someday. review of resume writing services