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Monday, June 6, 2016

Our trip to DENMARK!

Ever since I can remember I've always been infatuated with Denmark, probably because my ancestors are from there, and I've always heard about what a beautiful and wonderful place it is to visit. So years ago I told Brandon I wanted him to take me for my 30 birthday. And even though  I haven't had my birthday quite yet, we went anyway because we found some good tickets and the timing was perfect.

Here is a video that summarizes our time in Copenhagen, hope you enjoy it. Also... if you ever go to a place that isn't your native language and you can't read labels, make sure you ask about the cheese before you buy it!

Copenhagen was everything I dreamed it to be, and I squealed with excitement and awe over the cobblestone streets, the colored buildings and everything in-between. It was incredible. We got to visit the city of Copenhagen but we also had some neat experiences where we got to do some family history sites, and that post is coming soon.
But for now this post is about the touristy fun stuff we got to enjoy. We stayed in airbnb houses which were beautiful and added so much to the trip- best way to be immersed into the culture. And below you will find my list of must sees in Copenhagen!

Shelby and Brandon
  • Nyhavn is where so many of the beautiful houses are seen on the river. This is the place you think of when you picture Copenhagen.
  • Christianshavn Close to Nyvan is a place called Christianshavn and you can eat at paperisland. Such a cool atmosphere and so many food options
  • Boat Tours at Nyhavn 
  • Tivoli is an amusement park, and a garden area.
  • Grundivks Church the architecture is... there are no words to describe how pretty it is. Best word  I can think of is heavenly.
  • Church of our Lady It has the original Christus statue with the apostles lining the isles.
  • The little Mermaid Statue
  • Frederiksberg is a quiet area. It has a beautiful park, you can see some elephants and the castle has the original Carls Bloch  paintings.
  • Danish Ballet- In.cred.ible! From what I heard is that Ballet was started in Denmark, I haven't checked my sources so don't quote me on that. 
  • Vesterbro is a beautiful area with so many restaurants and shops.
  • Jagersborg gade  a famous street packed with independent stores. Very Great atmosphere
  • Biking! As a tip I suggest renting bikes. Copenhagen is big but its doable on bikes. And it is a VERY biking friendly city. That def was one of our favorite things. 
  • Dyrehaven at Klampenborg station here you can see the ocean, and the beautiful Forrest
  • City Hall: you can go to the top and get a pretty gorgeous view of the city for free. 
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Hanne said...

Nice to see you had a great time in my country :) Next time remember moensklint ;)

Ulla Skrædderdal said...

Good to see you had a great time here in Denmark, Copenhagen is wonderful ...:-)

momrock said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad you got to go, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Hubby and I went to England in April--I had the same reaction to the streets there, lol. I had never been out of the country before!

Marcia Hansen said...

Awesome video! Just incredible and I loved the pictures. You are such a fantastic photographer and your video was so well done and fun to watch. Love love love it

swissmilly said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely video and pictures! I'm glad you've had such a great time in Europe!

mamalou said...

Loved the video, it was fantastic!!!! You guys did such a great job!! Such an amazing trip and experience.

Ashley said...

I LOVE your videos. Such my life and beauty. Thank you for sharing!! (Of course, my favorite parts were the dancey parts) :) Great job on those jumps!

Gitte Madsen said...

Wow you made my city looks so beautiful, Brandon and you are amazing photographers, so glad you had an amazing time in Copenhagen.

Haley said...

Shelbs! Loved coming back to this. What an INCREDIBLE trip!! Cheers to carpe diem! :) Can't wait for the day I soak up that beautiful country.

Haley said...

And the video, watched it twice with my little ones. :) Such a beautiful place! Loved seeing you and your crew exploring!