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Friday, January 6, 2017

A new year.

Shelby and Brandon We had a couple weeks where Brandon was home and it was so wonderful to have him around all the time. We relaxed, spent a lot of time with family and created new goals for this upcoming year. I'll tell you a little more about our goals at the end of the post, but this week was Brandons first few days back at work. We sent him off with a lot of hugs, kisses and tears- we sure to do love him.  And yes Brandon is awesome, he rides his bike to work most days- whether its rain, snow or shine.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and BrandonIt seems the littlest always have the hardest time sending Brandon off because their still trying to understand the concept of time (obviously) but right now Benson is having a hard time letting Dad go every morning.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and BrandonIt been these three and me all day and next week we will send Daxton back to school. I still am not loving Daxton in school all day and we will miss him a lot. But its been so fun to have him at home with us.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Also, Brandon's had a messenger side bag for his work bag and it seemed to always get in the way when he biked. So for Christmas, I got him a Just Porter Streeter Backpack because I wanted him to have an easier bag for biking to work, he's loved it and has commented saying its "The best bike commuter bag." Anyway, love when gifts work out as a success.

As a final note, I wanted to tell you a little about what we are doing for our goals this year. For me, I decided that I wanted to work on a goal each month. I think by the third or fourth month of the year I forget my resolutions and I really don't want that to happen. So this year I'm hoping that if I write down a goal each month it'll help me with the progress that I have and if I need to extend a goal or move on I can do month to month- helping me progress more. Just thought I would write it down for anyone who might need some ideas on resolutions. Hope everyone is having a good start to their year!!


MaryJB said...

Happy new year from Ireland! I hope you achieve all your goals. You have a beautiful family and thanks for sharing your inspirational blog.

ckleinca said...

Awesome to see updated pictures of Daxton, Tayte and Benson!! Adorable!! Kind of cool also that Daddy Brandon is wearing a purple jacket!! Like Father like Son!! Thanks for keeping in touch with all of us!! I hope you are disciplined and motivated to keep all your goals and that blessings come to you and your beautiful family tenfold in the coming year!! That snow looks too cold there... we have the cold but no snow right now in Ohio... Hopefully it will stay out west in the mountains where it is more lovely!!

Ashley said...

I love the idea of setting a different goal each month. Plus, hopefully once you get in the swing of things during the month, it will become more of a habit. I'll have to try that as well!

Great bag!! Brandon is so awesome biking to work every day.

I'm so glad y'all were able to spend some great time together over the holidays. Charlie is in 1st grade this year, and I feel the same...I don't love him being gone all day...we miss him so much!

ellen said...

That's a cool bag. I wish Brandon was riding by me while I'm walking on the bike trail in Boston. :( And I like your idea for goals. I have a list of about a dozen and TODAY I'm going to write them out and tape a copy to my headboard. #goals