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Thursday, September 28, 2017

C+A Wedding

So I know my sidebar is like 5 years old all those pictures, and my computer is loaded with pictures I've never posted and I'm like 3 months late to posting all these events... but I want to post them because I want these memories and I know I will see them more if they are online than hidden in the hundreds of folders I have on my computer. So look out as I purge through my old photos and post them. First off Chris and Alta's wedding.
Wedding Wedding WeddingHow lucky am I?! All these handsome boys I get to call mine.
Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding
This memory of Daxton I don't want to forget. He a normally shy guy and dancing in front of people is not his comfort zone... and this wedding had THE biggest dance party I've ever been to at a wedding. So as the dancing was going on- he stood comfortably by his mama being an observer and would every so often get his toes tapping and his hands clapping. He's a good little dancer but i won't push him further than his boundaries in hopes that one day he'll break his shell and fly.


Geri said...

Beautiful photo's of a beautiful family😊

Unknown said...

Just beautiful.....thanks for sharing such a beautiful day.. congratulations to C & A

Unknown said...

Beautiful clicks.
Congrats C+A!!

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Penguin said...

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Good Pictures.....thanks for sharing such a beautiful Wedding Picture

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theweddingcardsonline said...

All pictures are looking so beautiful !
Dressing sense also so good, including children pictures I like so much.


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Kanika Kheria said...

I really like your C+A wedding photography. Children of you looks so handsome & adorable. Thanks for sharing such lovely journey of wedding. | Wedding Invitations |