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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Snail mail

How did Christmas get here so fast?! We've been trying to slow down this December but no matter how hard I try it seems to always fly by. We squeezed in family pictures and when we got them back we hurry and ordered our cards from Tiny Prints. I always love Tiny Prints- they're fast, have beautiful designs, good quality and they always seem to have a deal going on which makes it even that much better.  We went with this design, simple and not very distracting. And if you haven't already got your Christmas cards and wanted to I would go with This design for the New Year its sooo good. Anyway, we put on Christmas music, turned on the Christmas lights, grabbed some snacks and all worked together on getting our cards done.

Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding We've been trying to do more service this season, and trying to do more prompts from the Christmas initiative #lighttheworld and as I was writing and sending out cards I started to think about why I was sending them out. And our big why is to send our love in hopes that families receiving the cards will feel that intention.

Also, going along those line of sending love, I have the hardest time throwing away Christmas cards that we receive. But a friend told me that to make it easier throwing away cards is to take one family card each night off the wall where they are hung and they pray for that family and continue that each night until they're all off the wall. Isn't that such a great idea?! So we will be doing that this year, sending love and praying for those that come into our home. Love and prayer can solve a lot of problems and we can always use more of it.


ellen said...

I can't wait to get your card! It's always a favorite. Mine are on their way so I'll be addressing them soon! Enjoy the holidays!

Lena Charles said...

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Halo BW said...

Merry christmas! Love your photos!