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Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Years

Is how long my hubby lived in the beautiful Scotland. Or should I say 'Scotland the brave' in a scottish accent of course. the hubs spent two years there doing missionary service for our church and got to meet lovely people and experience the culture for those years. He always talked about his mission and how wonderful it was well, and let me tell you that when I arrived there it wasn't anything like I expected- it was much more... it was magical. I loved the greenery, the cobblestone, the castles, the sheep and most of the Scottish accent accompanied by their language. I never experienced so much asking of the hubbs...
'What did she say?' or 
'haha ... what does that mean?' or 
'Dummy??!... he means pacifier sweatheart' 
'gonna nae do that. Translation please- 'she said, please stop'
'i'm pure dead chuffed...uh...  

And they were speaking English! 

but i'll tell you, as we got on our plane to leave and i heard the stewardess in her dutch accent- the first thing I thought was {sniff} i miss the Scotish accent already. Good thing i have a husband who can speak Scottish SO well. 

Anywho, so like I said before, lots of pictures. But you know pictures just don't give the place justice, so i suggest writing Scotland on your bucket list, go ahead- do it. then you can come back here and thank me.

Friends, let me introduce you to Haggis.... that brownish, black thing. I don't know if you want to know whats in it, but brandon loves it and had to have it. So there it is, his Haggis.

Here is the queens palace when she comes to stay in Scotland..

These fruity things, forgot the name of them, where delectable. And if your wondering if there is a person inside that telephone booth. There is. 

This here is Authors seat or Pratts hill- why Pratts hill? Well, Parley P. Pratt dedicated his mission at the top of this hill,  the same place brandon dedicated his own mission as well..

We got to visit people that Brandon stayed with or people that were apart of his mission somehow and it was a joy to meet them and get to know them a little bit more.

Our last picture ends with the cutest little boy- at the end of the day we would let him play on bed till the wee hours of the night to get out his jitter bugs. I think it was his favorite part of the whole day.



makana hansen said...

Oh that made ME miss Scotland too!
Great pictures and what a wonderful experience for you all.
And... I think haggis looks not very good but those candies sure do!

Brad and Kimberly said...

so cool! I have pictures in some of those same spots! love it

Kelsi said...

Love all these pictures Shelby! I think Scotland just moved up in my bucket list of places to visit. My favorite picture is that last one though. Hilarious!

marcia said...

Incredible pictures! It seems magical to me as well especially with the fog. Cobblestone, and old buildings and especially the accent would make me never want to leave as well. Ahh, Daxton you are such a cutie pie!

Ralph & Debbie said...

Fruit pastals. You can get them from the london market at trolly square, Yum! I love them too. I grew up in london but have lived here since 1985. I just got back from a visit. I hope you got some fish n chips while there. Cant beleive you liked that haggis!!! The scottish can keep that, lol.

Unknown said...

scotland totally is on our bucket list! :)

Forwards Fun! said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all those pics! What a great trip! It must have been very nice to bring his family to his "mission stomping grounds".

We're headed to England/Scotland coming this September. We are between a rock and hard place right now . . . don't know if I should get our tickets now - the gas prices have just skyrocketed - or wait and see if it goes down?

Shelby, I volunteer at the Parent Resource Center as a mentor to young mothers and at the PRC volunteer appreciation dinner I met this extraordinary 14 year old gal. She works in the nursery while the moms are in parenting classes. I told her of my pen-pal in England that we had been writing since we were 16 years old (35 years now!) and she said she would LOVE a pen pal, but she doesn't know how to go about it.

Anyway, would it be possible to hook up with some of your husbands friends and ask about a pen-pal for this gal? This would be someone who likes to write snail mail and/or email. Could you email me if you get any leads?

Her name is Katrina and she is 14 and this is what she wrote about herself -

Favorite colors - Blue and Green

Movies - Steel Magnolias, Legally Blonde, The Perfect Man

Fav school subject - english

Hobbies - swim, sing, hang with friends, crafts and volunteer

Fav animal - cat

fav music - christian singers: Lecrae, Mandissa, toby mac

She is not a member, but active in her church. She is very obedient! (I should have my 14 year old hang out with her!!!!) and she is a sweetheart.

If someone can ask around in the YW, or at a school . . . but it's ok if you're too busy. I just thought I'd ask. I told her I would ask some of the people I know that could help.

email me at

Thank you, Cheri Brown

Janet said...

Great photos. BTW, those fruity things are Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles. Delish!

Suelad said...

I have to say Shelby i love reading your blogs. Great Pictures of Scotland, Im only a few hours away from there and Edinburgh is my fave Scottish city
As to the Haggis...mmmmmm it is an acquired taste but well worth the try

Anonymous said...

I too have been to Amsterdam, Paris and Edinburgh and share your love for each of these places. You certainly chose 3 of the most beautiful cities to visit on your holiday.

Well done for eating the haggis though - it doesn't look very appetising!

Glad you had such a great time


Becky Piddock said...

I live in the UK but have only been to Scotland once to play cricket and it is incredible, its just so beautiful. So glad you had a great time :). Those sweets are Fruit Pastels, the red and orange ones are the best!!

McCally said...

Wow Scotland looks amazing, so glad you guys were able to go there. I wish we talked more like that, life would be better...

carolyne b said...

The sweets are Fruit Pastel, and they are yummy..... I lived in England (which is not Scotland) for 2 years too. And loved the people culture and life style. Glad to know that Brandon was able to take you and Dax back for a visit. Cornish Pasties, did you get to try that, better then Haggis.