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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Because She Does, Thursdays

My sister Shae

I want to start on this journey of Because she Does’ I thought it would be appropriate to start with her. As her beauty is far from what the world thinks is beautiful, yet she is more beautiful than anyone I have met.

I love my sister Shae, she is consistently happy, loving, selfless and caring- yet she is unique. Shae was born into a world of trails, confined with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, being deaf/mute and to add to it she suffers from the failure to swallow voluntarily.
However, these things do not stop her from being a beautiful woman and being able to reach out and touch others lives.  She is ready and willing to come to anyone that crosses her path to try and brighten it, yet others are not so willing to love her back. Despite people’s coldness, she goes on with her perfect, childlike love.

I am reminded of a letter that was sent to us from a friend concerning Shae- as you read this you might know of some like my sister or can relate it somehow to your own life. Whatever the case, it is an incredible and it can change your life. oh and you might need a box of tissues…

“I felt uneasy, lacked understanding, and knew not just who was taking me by the hand. I walked in and Nathan walked over to me, gave me a hug. Then she took my hand and led me over to the table. How stupid can I be, my only thought was, 'When is she going to let go of my hand."

I was so concerned about my own feelings that I was unable to feel, what it was she was trying to say. I thought about it as I drove home. I looked into her eyes, and yet still I did not hear what she was saying. Thinking about my patriarchal blessing while driving home, it hit me, what she was trying to say, what I was not hearing. The weakness' of her body that she fights each and every day, to say. "I love you. God Loves you..."

Oh, how could I be so foolish. The moment our hands touched, I felt it, heard it, knew it and yet would not. She came to this Earth, to be a missionary to all who will listen. I say to all, come and hear what she has to proclaim. But I warn you, do not try to hear her with your physical ears for her mortal body like ours, weak and lacking perfection.

No, you will not hear what she has to say with your physical ears, only when you become deaf to the things of this world, will you hear her beautiful testimony. Only when you allow your flesh to be quickened by the Spirit will you see her angelic body and hear her angelic voice proclaiming:
                    "God lives. He knows us all by name. God Loves us all. I love you all. I know that the day will come when 'Every knee shall bow,every tongue shall confess, that He is the Christ, the Redeemer of all Mankind. I know who I am. I know the day will come when my body will be made whole."

How many of are Heavenly Siblings have seen her and yet have not seen her for who she really is. I don't even know her name only that she is 27 years old. I have no doubt she has touched more lives in those 27 years than I will have touched, by the time I turn 27. She is more beautiful then words can describe. I only hope I can have the chance to get to know her better. Truly her love for Heavenly Siblings is strong.”

Amen. Words escape me, because it’s said perfectly. 

If you feel so inclined to share this post and this journey go ahead and take a button so that others too might be given the chance to be enlightened. 


Anonymous said...

Really humbling to read this Shelby. What love you have for your sister.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh, how we love our Shae!!!!! This was perfect. I love this sweet, sweet BEAUTIFUL girl!!

Robin L Greenslade said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful sister with us! She is utterly adorable and it is VERY obvious she is a valued member of your family in every way.

Physical / mental / emotional challenges should not cage a person. Challenges should not define who we are or aren't.

We can all learn from those with challenges, and our hearts should grow in love and acceptance for ALL people.

Thank you for giving us permission to share this post with others. I have already posted links from by blog to yours.

May hearts be changed by the words that are shared.

McKay said...

That was really touching post and tribute Shelby. It will be really neat when Shae is able to one day to understand fully what you and others have written about her.

Kelsi said...

I am very touched Shelby. Thank you so very much for this. I love the whole idea of what you are doing. We should look at the beauty of others more often and to read this about Shae was truly beautiful.

marcia said...

I forgot about that letter. It made me cry all over again. I love the pictures you have of her as well.

ALY said...

oh my goodness,that was` sooooooooooo touching ,you were right i think you oh me 2 boxes of tissues.

i used to work with people like your sister,and i found it very rewarding,

i used to have a teenage boy called paul ,who i looked after,he was my one to one person,i looked after him for 6 years untill he died of a heart defect,

he was at the home where i worked,and died,10 mins before i started my shift,

it absolutely broke my heart,i finished working there shortly after that,

i found it very hard after paul died,to work at the home.i found it very difficult to communicate to the i finished,and became a mum myself.

Mysteryartist said...

Shelby, I love what you are doing and I am so proud of you to have chosen your beautiful sister Shae to honor first. Hugs to Shae! :)

Cherie said...

I voluntary look after a lady of 65 years of age, who has severe learning disabilities, and have done for 15 years, (usually once a week) I think I look forward to those outings more than her, she is a joy to be with, there is not ONE bad bone in her body. And over the past 15years she has enhanced my life, again probably more than I have hers. Your sister is one beautiful lady x

Jenni said...

This is beautiful, Shelby. And your sister is beautiful. I can't wait to read more :)I'll be back every Thursday that's for sure.

Unknown said...

Bless you Shelby and your lovely sister. My daughter, Karen (15) had a friend (Christian) with CP she met when she was 8 and she learned a lot about Christian and even herself through Christian. Today, at 15, she is very caring towards and more accepting of those who are afflicted with physical and/or mental disabilities and she is a wonderful friend to have. She is usually the first to approach that person, whereas, her friends who know very little are a little more stand-offish. Our Bishop also helped Karen in understanding more about Our Father's plan and has been wonderful in helping my daughters understand others and themselves in His plan. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sister, Shelby.

Tonda B said...

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing Shae's story, Shelby.

teresa said...

What a beautiful sister you have. Inside and out. Isn't it amazing how the most unsuspectiting can teach us the most in life about ourselves and others. Love your She does, Thursdays so far.

The Maughans said...

Amen and amen again. It is my positively most favorite thing about going to back home... going to church and seeing Shae, and her eyes lighting up when she sees me!

carolyne b said...

Shelby what a beautiful tribute to your sister, Shae. To have a family member with a disability is such a blessing to ones home. The things that we can learn without communication is truly inspiring. Our Heavenly Father gives us little treasures on Earth, and clearly your sister is one of them. Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

We are so lucky to have her be a part of our lives aren't we? What a beautiful example she is to us on how to be so Christ-like and loving of everyone we come in contact with.
What a great post Shelby!!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Awe LOVE IT!!! It's such a good reminder to see how God shapes our lives in all aspects of life and Shae has done that for us. Thank you for that sweet post.

Ann and Bryndon said...

I loved reading that as well! We are so blessed to be able to know and associate with such special people as Shae!