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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its a boy!

No, i am not announcing (i know ya'll were thinking that eh) BUT
I am for my little sista- Cassidy and she is having a boy
I think we are the most excited 
little D is going have a partner in crime. You should have seen Daxton's
 face when we told him he was going to have a boy cousin- I've never seen a smirkier smirk. 
Congrats Cassidy and Daniel!

The soon to be mommy holding all three babies


Tonda B said...

That is great news! Congrats to Cassidy, Daniel & little Daxton, too! :)

makana hansen said...

wahoo! Boys :)And no way is she showing already. But it looks like she may be.

marcia said...

After 50 tries it looks like you got some good pictures. Ha

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Aw Thanks sis. I can't wait till we can those two together to be the best of friends and we can hang out and be moms together:) Love the pics. super cute. yes i am showing makana.. lol

teresa said...

congrats to your sister!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

SO FUN!!!!! PS It was SO fun to meet Daxton in the flesh :) What a stud! Next time let's take some pictures. Hopefully Luke won't be such a bully.

Oh, Sweet!... said...

Congrats Cassidy!
I wanted a boy first so bad and now all three of us do. You are going to love it! They melt your heart!!