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Monday, October 10, 2011

Let the festivities begin.

For a fun night we took the little one to Barns and Noble to get him excited about all the books. But instead when he came across all the stuffed animals all he wanted to do was play with them. We tried reading to him in our awesome voices, but to no avail he just kept running back to the animals. 
He loves his stuffed animals.
On another note, we've started the halloween festivities, as we had a great little party with friends and started our pumpkin carving skills. it was a great weekend and got us excited about the upcoming holiday. 

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

your family is too cute! i love trips to B+N and that pumpkin has quite the goofy smile, i love it!

Christa Cox said...

so fun! it crazy how much your son looks like his dad!

Mags said...

ah!! So dang cute! You guys are adorable.

JDizzle said...

I wasn't excited about Halloween until I saw that pumpkin, good job Brandon, I've never done that before with the stem.

teresa said...

Barnes and Nobles is my kids favorite place to go on a day out. could spend hours there. Beautiful little guy you have!

ALY said...

hes a child thats what kids do,

at my nursery the children have a toy when we read storys to them,the minute you change a word to catch them out they know,and have great delight in telling you in there own way.

keep going to the same shop.get the same books ,and change a few words and see if he notices the change.

Linnea said...

Too cute. I want to hear your awesome reading voices.

Marcia Hansen said...

love the pumpkin. Very creative.
That's funny about the library and Dax not wanting to read books.