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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving my thanks

I love Thanksgiving. 
there are so many wonderful traditions attached to this holiday: being with Family, being grateful, giving service, eat food and so many more. 
But since today is Thanksgiving I thought I would say/show you a few little things I am thankful for... 
i just did a few as not to bore you with too my entangling long list..

1. A toddler who loves to help me do household chores around the house.

2. a  little buddy to go shopping with me. He makes things a lot more entertaining- he attracts a lot of strangers by his cuteness: thus pulling me into wonderful conversations i never would have been in. 

3. Food to eat, but more specifically garden food- my mister will tell you that I love garden food and eve more specific garden tomatoes -therefore I am grateful for garden tomatoes that I still have around to savor. 

4. God's creations. I am constantly astounded by the love he shows us through the beauty found around the world. even the simple beauty found in our own backyard.

5. These mess's- the toddler mess. it means I have a baby who lives in my house, that is mine who I get to  look after. 

6. These two boys in my life. I am grateful for an amazing husband who is a great dad and constantly keeps me and the toddler laughing. 

7. My education.

8. And last but not least~ Families~ 
our family, my family, and Brandon's family. 
Family is there through the thick and the thin and I am blessed to have them.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love, laughter and light. 
Find joy in today and what you yourself are grateful for. 


Heather said...

love this. wonderful reasons to be thankful, today and everyday :)

i do a thankful link up every Thursday (and I leave it open for the week so you can link up ANY day!)

I'd love to have you one week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hanna said...

HI SHel byh. I am a new follower from the followers fest. Your blog is adorable and you have a beautiful family. Nice to meet you

xoxox Hanna

Marcia Hansen said...

That is a great list. It's funny how the simple things are really the greatest blessings we have when we start to count our blessings. Daxton is such a happy child. You are blessed.

Kelsi said...

I absolutely love that picture of Daxton holding the broom. What a happy boy. I love him too. You've got one amazing family sis.

Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

such an adorable family! i'm stopping by from and would love for you to come by and checkout the awesome giveaways and new tutorials. xoxo nicole

Ashley said...

Just stopping by from the follower's fest. I became your newest follower, yeah for finding new blogs!
I love to read what people are thankful for. It is such a great reminder to stop and be thankful for all that we have.

Lori said...

love this. so important to remember to be thankful every second of our life :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I love the new picture collage. And I'm grateful for your cute family and for the relationship we have you.

Gentri said...

What a beautiful family you have! Loving all your blog! :)