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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

Its December and i'll i have to say its here! I haven't quite broken out the holiday decor but i'm not worried I'm just happy its december. 
 But since it is the first of the month and its a thursday a "Because She Does" is in order...

This month I knew exactly who I wanted to write about. I haven't know this girl for too long but in the few months that I have known her, she has truly impacted my life already. 
Her is name is Kristi Chestnut.

I have only stories to tell you about why she has impacted me, and these stories may seem like such small things but in the long run they are big. But in reality its the little things that are woven into individual life that create our personalities.

In our LDS church, we have a individual support network called Visiting teaching. We as women are called to care for, strengthen and teach specific women in our wards.
And in the past I normally have got a message on my phone from my visiting teacher supervisor asking me if i had done my visiting teachers that month and left it at that. 

However, Kristi is my visiting teaching supervisor now and i have noticed a difference in her approach. She cares about me as a person and the ladies that I go see. Every months she sends me an email to remind me to get my v.t done, she then goes on in the email to tell me kind things about me, and always ends with an encouraging, religious quote.  I know that its just a small thing but going that extra miles has meant a lot to me. 

Also, recently I have been teaching an aerobics class, and as far as exercise goes we all know the first motivation feeling that happens and slowly dies with time. But Kristi who was pregnant and mind you: sick, knew the importance of exercising. We knew she was sick but she was always positive, and yet Kristi  came religiously to aerobics, not only to exercise but to create friendships with the ladies there. 

We all joked that Kristi would be there even if she was in labor. And as you can probably guess when the time came that she didn't show up - she was found in the hospital having her baby. 
 Then to top it off we were all surprised to see Kristi at aerobics the very next week ready to move. She not only came to aerobics the very next week, but she was also at relief society activities and church. 

I know that every pregnancy is different and we all have different circumstances in our life, and I know that we all can't do everything. But Kristi was a strong example to me of dedication, in all aspects of her life: from the small to the big. She didn't make justifying excuses,  she just did and continues to do . 
Kristi has been a prime example of making the most of life and enjoying life as it is. 

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Devon said...

Wow. That just made me want to be a better person. I had a harder pregnancy and recovery, but its nice to hear about this girl to get me more motivated to get out of bed next time! haha

Anonymous said...

We love kristi she is everything that you said and more. I'm grateful for the examPle she's been to me

marcia said...

What a great approach to being a V.T.Supervisor.
Wow, so on the ball after having a baby.