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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Because She Does, Thursday

This post i wanted to spotlight my wonderful sister-in-law Makana.

I know Makana is not a fan of sappy, but here I go, to get all sappy on Makana. 
When i think of Makana I think of selfless.
 She is always thinking of others before herself and takes the extra steps to make sure those around her know she cares. She is soft spoken, which makes it so comfortable to be around her, and she is a great listener. Always asking the right questions to find out more about the lives of others. 
Makana is that true friend, who will call out of nowhere to see how things are going. She's the type to keep in contact with others, and who will take the time to write a handwritten letter rather than a facebook shout out. 

She is so organized and so on top of things (one thing I really struggle with, so she always astounds me of how on top of things she is), she's creative and innovative. Makana is always looking for the best way of going about things and making them look good.

I have always loved how selfless Makana was from the day I met her. When she was dating my brother, she would always think of me and my sisters- when they got married this continued. 
Recently when we flew out to see them, she and my brother offered their own bed to make us comfortable and were so hospitable the entire time. Always thinking of us, giving up their wants to make us happy. Making sure the small things were there for us, like whole milk for Daxton and plenty of food we love.

Makana is one to not get jealous. She loves completely, is supportive and encourages to the very end. She has always cheered me on, in whatever endeavor I am running on- and does her best to 
promote and support me, in whatever way she can.  
Through all her support, love, encouragement, and selflessness I have
become really close to Makana, she is a true sister.
So there you go Makana, my sappiness for you. 
Sure love you!


Jennifer said...

That's so sweet! She sounds a lot like my mother in law.

Marcia Hansen said...

How fun to wake up and see this neat and deserving post of my cute daughter-in-law. You can tell by the pictures alone what a beautiful person inside and out that she is. How lucky I am that Mckay found her and convinced her to marry him. Sure love you Makana and everything Shelb said is so true. I am blessed to have you in the family.

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

This was so very sweet!! She was in my ward growing up!! Small world right?!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Sweet Makana.. what a perfect tribute to post about miss mamakana. I too am astunded with eagerness to conquer anything that is set before you and your zest for life. I also love how accepting you are of everyone and become everyones bestest friend! Thanks for being my friend. your the greatest

McKay said...

I am McKay Hansen and I approve this message...

JDizzle said...

Oh Mckay, you're such a dork, but i admit you made me laugh. I agree, makana has always been so selfless and that's why I think she makes such a good friend.

makana hansen said...

Awe... I am just now reading this. And I really needed it! What a very sweet post Shelby. Thank you a million times... and sappy was ok :) lol

Kelsi said...

Haha McKay you have the best one liners. But couldn't agree more with this post. Thanks for outlining the many reasons makana rocks. So glad she is in our family!

McCally said...

I couldn't agree more! Love you Makana!