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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Day 3 of our Count down to Valentines Days:

What builds marriages? What builds relationships?
While contemplating this thought I realized what builds our marriage...
In a marriage you face like together- 
And when the other has strong confident in your abilities life is sailable.

Now don't misunderstand confidence- it is not pride, it is not vain;
but the pure selfless thought of confidence is what we all need.

Whether you like it or not- your spouse knows you the best.
They know your weaknesses and your strengths. 
And confidence can diminish quickly if the one who knows you best says something degrading or sometimes nothing at all.

We all seek for that approval, that confidence and who better to give it than the one who know you best.
And who better to receive it from the one you love the most.

Brandon is terribly good at giving me confidence, 
he will talk to me, till he's blue in the face and tell me I can do what I want to do.
That my ideas are wonderful, and to not let others discourage for that means I've lost.

I've gain a lot confidence from my marriage and I've realized how important it is. 
So, I challenge you to say those warm words to your spouse.
Tell them their wonderful, notice the SMALL details they do, go to their level and think selfless thoughts about them. 
It will build your relationship and bring joy to their life as well as yours.

Here are are few pictures from our wedding that I'd thought i'd share.


Carla said...

Thank you for sharing your absolutely gorgeous photos, and most of all, thank you for sharing yourself on your blog. You have a lot of wisdom for being "only" 25. Your family and friends are lucky to have you in their lives!

Christa Cox said...

LOVE this post!

Anonymous said...

Shelby that was a great post. Your wedding pictures are beautiful

Robin L Greenslade said...

love, respect and confidence are the greatest gifts each spouse can give the other.

I love wedding photos! Thank you for sharing.

Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl said...

You are beautiful, your blog is beautiful and this post is beautiful.

A Life Un-Styled said...

I'm new to your blog so I'm seeing these photos for the first time. They are so beautiful and your dress and veil just GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelby you look gorgeous TY for sharing your wedding photos... It IS important to show our significant others how much we appreciate them....for the little things too... I have 2 days till I find our what our daughter is having ..I am excited.. she is due July 7th..I hope you are feeling well in your pregnancy. TC Shelby..Happy Valentines to you and yours...
Jane in Canada

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and I agree! A good partner is one who builds you up when you need it and vice versa!

P.S. My favorite wedding photo is the last one with the wind expanding your veil--lovely! :-)

marcia said...

I love those pictures. I don't remember them. I especially love the one on the stairs. A gorgeous couple. Brandon thanks for being such a great husband. It's great to know she's in good hands.