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Thursday, December 20, 2012

This is my Daxton

I have recently found a new trait of this pure sweet boy. 
a true friend, loyal and loving.

Daxton has finally arrived at the stage where he is aware of his surroundings and the people around him.  When introduced to a new person, whether they be old or young he has a sincere, raw love for that person.

Daxton has learned to make a friend, and be a true friend. I have watched him hold onto a toy for a new friend he made and make sure that his friend received the toy when he wanted it. 

I have watched him make a new friend and sincerely be worried about his or hear whereabouts; to constantly be on the look out for them. If his new friend ran off, I would be the first to know and have his little sweet voice ask me, "where did so and so go?" He'd not only be worried just that one time but the entire time he was with him.

I have watched daxton learn the names of each new friend he comes in contact with. I have watched him remember the name and use in a later context.

I have witness him meet a friend one day, and that night remember the friends name and pray that Heavenly Father will watch over him.

I have watched him cry over not being able to say goodbye or hello to a person who might have passed by or come into the home. And with the hello or goodbye its always ended with a 
"wove you, see you later"

He truly loves.

oh how I adore him. Beyond adore.

I have witness this pure love and it has taught me. His love has changed me. It has brought meaning to my life in a whole new way. 

This is my Daxton.
My sweet, loving, Daxton.

1 comment:

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Um he is by far the stylish little boy I have ever met and just so stinkin cute!! And wow I have a lot to learn from him what a sweet boy you have! Thanks Dayton for being such a loyal and true friend! Can't wait to see you