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Monday, February 18, 2013

Scenes from the weekend- Love party

This weekend we had a Love everafter party.
It was so much fun to prepare for and to have people over playing games,
 like minute-to-win-it games.  
 Yummy food is always a must. 
Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find some good Valentine recipes

Here are some of the minute to win it games that we played,
 some games I didn't capture because some of them would be down right embarrassing to see.
 At one point I had a cookie on my face, mouth wide open, eyes popping out and tongue out trying to grab a cookie off my face. 

Human Unicorn: Stack these moon bites 7 layers high. 

Human Elevator: Using your ears as pulleys, we were to lift two pencils tied together with a candy on top and make it to our mouths- nearly impossible.
Hanky Panky: In a minute pull out all 180 sheets of tissues out of the box. Brandon really wanted to do this game because he wanted to see all the tissues go flying everywhere. haha

And you can bet i'll be folding these kleenex's and putting them back in their box to get another round of usage.
(you think i'm joking don't you) 

Anyway, hope your weekend was good, and your ready for the start of a new week!

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