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Friday, February 1, 2013


You know some days (or most)I feel like I get nothing accomplished. My days seem to run together and become vague. I love the infant stages - so many things to do that I'm able to check mark off my to-do list.  I feel like this stage is meant for me!  What with the feeding, burping, napping, snuggling, giggling... it really takes all day long.

However, this stage of the 2 year old, it's something new.  It's not so easy to check things off and I'm not sure if it's actually the right thing to be checking off.
Am I really accomplishing anything? Don't get me wrong, it's exactly what I want to be doing and it's extremely rewarding, but man does anything get done? 

The 2 year old time table is so mold-able and always changing, that there's rarely the satisfaction of checking something off a to-do list. 
I am mostly a free spirit and don't stick to much of a schedule anyway that embracing the moment isn't too difficult, but boy does it feel good when at the end of the day I can go to sleep with the dishes put away and there isn't a pile of clothes from days past in the corner of our room. 

But as I said before this season is short, so I'll just put that little check list off to the side for now and allow the toddler's timetable to be my course for now. 

These are some photos i ran across that we took while we were in utah..

 why do i feel like this is our first photo we have taken together since our first year of marriage?? i'm sure there is more somewhere, but our photos mostly consist of our babies, us with our babies, us alone, or the four of us. 
Not a bad thing, but someone forgot to tell me to take photos of my Mister and me- even after babies.
Expect more of this...

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Jessie said...

I've got babies the same ages as yours. I know exactly what you are talking about! I rarely wear makeup anymore and sometimes it takes a week to get the laundry put away, but playing with my boys never made me feel so happy.