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Friday, November 15, 2013

Reset Button

As a mom, I'm learning I have to forgive myself pretty quickly. I am learning that I have to be able to let go of my pride and let the submissiveness of a child engulf me. 

Last night I was putting Daxton to bed after not having had a break all day. My patience was wearing a little thin so I got over anxious with Daxton and snapped at him. Being the sweet sensitive boy that he is, he started to cry, which caused me to immediately feel bad. At that point I decided to put into practice something I had learned long ago: start over and push the reset button. 

I let go of my pride by sitting down next to him and telling him how sorry I was.  Even after this, he was still upset.  Wanting to end the night happy, I asked Daxton to tell me a list of 10 things that make him happy.  This suggestion completely changed both of our moods.  Making funny faces was the first thing he named.   This, of course, led us to pulling all sorts of faces.  The mood in the room began to be even happier and more positive as we laughed and laughed about some of the faces we came up with.  

Daxton continued on till he was done with 10.  After he was finished, I took my turn.   I made a point to have each thing that makes me happy include him in some way. 

After this experience I really came to realize that we all make mistakes, but we can start over at any point of the day.  I can say that I made a mistake or was frustrated at 7:34, but that doesn't mean 7:35 can't be the best moment of the day. Starting over is better for everyone as it helps make the rest of the day good.


Tonda B said...

Great post, excellent lesson. :-)

Jane said...

That is a great lesson for all of us to remember. Thanks for sharing that.... stop and push the reset button :)

Brown-eyed Girl said...

My top 10 happys:
1. Going to the movies.
2. Dr Pepper
3. Girlie pink
4. Squirrels
5. Jeremy Renner
6. Babies
7. Road trips
8. Pizza!
9. Watching TV
10. Makeup

Lisa said...

Wonderful lesson. What a sweet thing to do with Daxton. :)

Unknown said...

This is do true

Julie said...

So true Shelby. This is what the atonement is all about!

Marcia Hansen said...

So wise. I love how you handled that situation. What a wonderful mom and I love how first on Daxtons list was funny faces.

Laurel Dorius said...

You're a good momma, Shelby. Miss you. :)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

This is a great reminder. I know that I'm not a mom, but I need a reset button as well. :)

LoveLady said...

Beautifully explained. I think we all forget sometimes to take a step back and reflect.

Liz Luscomb said...

This is a great post with a beautiful lesson. I must try this the next time my patience wears thin. ;)

Kelsi said...

Confession - I love Tayte in his skinny jeans. I don't know what it is, but everytime I see a picture of him and Daxton walking around I'm drawn to Tayte's pants and his cute little bum. It may even be on my list of top 10 things that make me happy.

Elizabeth said...

love the pictures of you and your boys!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I have had this moment happen to me on occasions. But I love how you called it the reset button. Your such a good momma. Loving this photos. Would love it more if I could squeeze you three