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Monday, March 17, 2014

Lexi Hansen

As some of you may know, my sister was in a tragic accident about a week and a half ago. the night we found out was excruciating, and horrific. Our family members told us that she was brain dead and had 1% chance of survival, so we book the next flight we could and packed for possibly a funeral... there was no sleep that night as i was beside myself. For right now, i cant go back and relive those moments, i don't think i ever will. It was in the past and we now have a miraculous story.

Lexi was hit by a car while longboarding on her way to class. She hit her head so hard that it cause her to become brain dead and within moments (but felt like days) we were told by the doctors she had about 1% chance of survival.

The entire flight home, I couldn't stop sobbing. I was extremely grateful for a husband who took care of me, who held me and looked after our boys.

We arrived at the hospital after a long, sickening, travel and greeting my family members was unforgettable. The sobs, the hugs, the unspoken words were such a heavy emotion. My Dad took us into the ICU room where Lexi laid.

My greif was too great and an uncontrollable sobbing took over my body. My Lexi was disfigured and brain dead..

 How could such a thing happen. It was an out of body experience.

But we prayed. We fasted and we held onto the faith and hope that we had.

Little did we know that thousands of other people were doing the same for our Lexi. A FB page was created for her and hundreds of people reached out to us to let us know their grief and their prayers inbehalf  of Lexi and our family. The page grew and grew as so many shared about the tragic accident and the numbers grew to thousands.

We were extremely touched and we as a family knew that because of the goodness of people our Lexi is a miracle. She beat all the odds and each new day brings progress. There are set backs, but always progress in the long run. She is alive today and as the doctors say "she is a miracle girl."

Our family, along with thousands of other people are touched by the Lord's goodness.

My faith has been tested, my prayers numberless, but they have been answered.

Above all, I just want to express the overwhelming graditude I feel for my Savior and my Heavenly Father. The blessings, and the tender mercies he has given to us to help us get through this excruciating time.

I also was to express the complete awe I have for humanity. Just when you think that there isn't a soul who doesn't care outside their own world of life, you get proven wrong. I can not express the deep love I have for people, for their goodness and for the amount of care and love expressed through all of this. People are good. and I can not express that more. People are good.

We were showered with love from all walks of life all over the world. And it brings me to tears as I am utterly overwhelmed of the love that was shown for Lexi and our family.

Thank you to all that have prayed, fasted, called, texted, brought food, flowers, a simple thought or concern, or just read about her story.
It has changed me.

Pray for Lexi
^^the first day I saw Lexi^^
Pray for Lexi

Pray for Lexi Pray for Lexi Pray for Lexi
^^This is the picture that was at the bottom of her bed, it was a great reminder to all of us and an encouraging picture for Lexi ^^
Pray for Lexi Pray for Lexi Pray for Lexi

If you would like to follow along with her progress you can go Here
And if you would like to read a more detailed account of what transpired over the first week you can go here 


Tonda B said...

Dear Shelby,
I am so thankful that Lexi Is on her way to recovery. I'm so sorry about the accident and all you and your family had to endure. I will continue to keep Lexi in my thoughts and prayers.
May God bless you all.

Unknown said...

Dear Shelby-
I do not know you or your family, but I have been praying for Lexi's recovery and for strength for your whole family. I will continue to pray.
Maureen K.

Unknown said...

Shelby -- Thanks for taking the time out of your quite busy life to share your thoughts & feelings about this tragic event in your family; but also the triumph in Lexi improving & doing better. You are so fortunate to have the family & friends that you have and also of course, your deep faith to rely on. YOU are BLESSED and YES, People Are Good! Thoughts & Prayers continue for Lexi & your entire family! Take Care of Yourself & your Sweet Little Family -- God Bless - LYNN

Cherie said...

I am so pleased for your family I will continue to pray for you all take care xxx

Robin L Greenslade said...


God is in the miracle business; and I love it when He shows up and shows off. I love that His grace and mercy know no situation that He can not change. We are blessed to live by faith and He blesses us so much more than we could possibly ever deserve; more than we could ever hope for.

Like 1000's of others; I am so pleased to hear that Lexi continues to heal and improve. I'm touched to be able to lift up your precious family in prayer. As you watched the numbers grow on FB and the hash tag circulated throughout Instagram andTwitter.... I felt so blessed to see the responses of others joining your family in loving kindness, hope, faith and support.

Like a pebble dropped into the water creates a ripple.....prayers for Lexi united the hearts and faith of many. Lexi is a precious soul. Her testimony of recovery is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shelby, I am so sorry about what happened to your sister! I did not know anything about this. I will keep you all in my prayers. Stay strong.

Jane said...

Oh Shelby ... I had no idea your sister had been in an accident. I have joined her page and will keep praying for her complete recovery.... praying for all your family... Hang in their kiddo..

Rosemary Q said...

Your sister Lexi, and your family, are in my prayers. May our Heavenly Father surround her with healing and love.

ckleinca said...

Shelby,Brandon..and family... I am so wondrously blessed as well as you must be to see that Lexi is miraculously healing day by day and that the overwhelming response of heartfelt prayers and tenderness to each of you in this hour of great need has been well evident. I know the scary waiting time must have been very horrific for you to have to endure and those hard times were there for a reason we do not understand but can only come to the conclusion that they were there to see our Lord's magnificent grace multiplied and magnified in the life of Lexi and her testimony to become alive in the lives of many others. Each and every day I thank my God that He again has spared the life of your beautiful sister and is giving you peace and contentment in knowing that He is all of the hope and healing you can learn now to rely on. I pray continuous wisdom for the doctors and the medical team as they continue to work with Lexi and your family. It will take many days... months.. but I have the confidence with her determination and the therapy she receives she will overcome this terrible setback in her life. May our Lord's abundant grace and peace be with each of you as you continue to help her recover each and every day. Stay strong and close to the Lord because He is the One who will always help us to overcome! Thanks ever so much to your family for giving us the updates on Lexi and helping us in that way to pray more effectively for her. Love you all and remember you are always close to each and every one of our thoughts and prayers! <3

Denise said...

Shelby, I am so sorry to hear about Lexi. You're in my prayers

Manda said...

Shelby - Thank you for taking the time to put in to words some of the feelings you have encountered over these last few weeks. I, like others, do not know you personally but feel I have a small insight into your lovely family life through your blog over the years. My heart sunk when I heard this tragic news and anxiously awaited any news updates. Thank you to your family for being open to sharing this truly miraculous story with so many others. Your strength as a family is so uplifting. The picture of your mother with Lexi touched me greatly. May Lexi continue to recuperate. Her work here isn't done yet. God Bless you all through this trying time.

Katy said...

How heart wrenchingly beautiful this post is. I was tearful the whole time. What a miracle worker our Heavenly Father is! Continued prayers your families way! God Bless Lexi and your family!

Katrina said...

Hi Shelby! Just wanted to tell you we've been thinking of Lexi and all of you and also praying for you all. What a miracle The Lord is working through. Thank you for your faith which inspires me immensely and strengthens my testimony. Keep taking good care girl!

Mary said...

Shelby, I just read Amanda's story about Lexi. What an amazing story of a love a family has for each other. I can't express how strong I have felt the Spirit while reading this. It truly is a miracle. I love how all of you trusted in The Lord and His ways. I will remember this always. Please keep us posted on her progress.
While in the Temple this week, it came to me, that every gift of mortality or immortality is from God. We all just need to truly LOVE unconditionally. As I left the Temple my husband called and said to call our son, when I did, he told me that his wife was expecting. I was so excited!! As I was driving home, I thought, Heavenly Father let me know this before my son did. I just didn't realize it. Two days later we found out she lost the baby. Then it all came together for me. We have to trust in Him. His ways are not our ways. There is a reason for everything. I suspect Lexi has some great things to teach all those who are blessed to know her. It's going to be tough, but I can see she has all the support of her family. What a great time for your family.

jojo said...

Lexi's story is truly a testament to what love from a family and how strong faith gets someone through. And you, young lady, I don't know if you understand the power your little blog had. You were considering shutting it down, but think of how important it is. It is so much more than decorating tips and things you did over the weekend. It is truly inspirational!

Bridget said...

shelby, i'm just seeing this for the first time. i am so so so sorry. i cannot imagine what you and your family are going through right now. holding you all up in prayer.

betty said...

Glad to hear Lexi is on the road to recovery..sorry to hear about this awful thoughts are with you all.

Unknown said...

Dearest Shelby - I had no idea your sweet sister was in such a precarious state. I will offer up my prayers for her to continue to heal, and to find her way back to being healthy and whole. I will also pray that her family and loved ones continue to find strength. If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate.