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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Utah Lake
This past weekend I got to do a  photography sessions with a cute family and my boys came along with me. While I was taking pictures the boys played just out of site and waited for me to finish. When I came back, I found that they (mostly husband) had picked me some sweet flowers and made a little bouquet for me. Why is it that little small things are so sweet and make you want to hold onto that memory forever. good thing we have cameras to document it! 
Utah Lake
Since we were together we decided to make a night of it. We went to Utah Lake found a fun wall, saw ducks, fed the ducks with corn nuts- (its all we had!) and enjoyed the sun setting till we couldn't take the misquotes anymore.
Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake Utah Lake
^^Our attempt at getting our shadows and my bump in the picture. Didn't work out too well^^
Utah Lake


-Danica- said...

So sweet :) I wish I could have met your boys! We should really do a park date or something

Mila said...

I love this. Such a beautiful session & what a beautiful family!

Marcia Hansen said...

Pesky mosquitoes. At least you had most the day. Looks like so much fun.

CaleeHirschi said...

Gorgeous photos!