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Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Weekend

So it was a birthday weekend, and we really enjoyed the drawn out celebration.
I'm still a twelve year old 
and still think Birthday surprises are so magical. 
So i'm sure Brandon got sick of me saying...
' i can't tell you' or 'um idunno... i guess you're just going to have to find out'
So with my twelve years excitement I planned a surprise birthday party with some close friends. 
Brandon really was surprised and had no idea. 
me=good liar :)

Then we continued with more birthday cake and celebrations with family. 

And this little munchkin got caught...
 he thought he was the only one around.

Also, I found this really cute idea from Texas is for Lovers blog.
I guess you can give them a treat each day leading up to their birthday but I interspersed them through out the weekend. It was fun to continually give him little presents through out the day, and he loved it.


Unknown said...

That snack presents idea is CUTE!! I gotta try to remember that one! :-)

Unknown said...

P.S. I also like Daxton's "Who Me?" expression in the second picture. :-)

makana hansen said...

Thanks for the shout out :)
Ok, that oreo cake looks incredible. Both do actually. I can't believe you pulled off a surprise party. You are a good little sneaky 12 year old. What a really fun weekend you had. And you made it so special too

... said...

Aw what a sweet idea! :) Love those little notes on all the goodies! The chocolate cake pictures of the little one are my fav!

A Life Un-Styled said...

That's so gorgeous - everything the surprise, the 'caught' photo, the sweets. Congratulations on your baby announcement, I loved the video :)

Mariana said...

It sounds (and looks) great!!
He is a lucky man! ;)

Contemplating Beauty said...

great post and such awesome pictures, thank you for sharing, and happy bday to your hubby!

marcia said...

Great idea from Makana for the treats. I bet he loved that. I heard that oreo cake was delicious. Oh Daxton you always sniff out the good stuff. Ha, another chocolate lover.

Jennifer said...

Just stumbled onto your blog...beautiful family and a lovely blog. :-)